Yes, it is important to have a proper pre-planning before having a meeting with NDIS. At Community Choice Care, we are always available to happily assist you. Our highly experienced team will detail you on all the relevant aspects of NDIS including the application process, objectives, goals, and even resolve each and every query related to the NDIS eligibility criteria.
Yes, we are highly experienced in supporting people through their NDIS applications and planning process. We have assisted several NDIS participants throughout Melbourne and its nearby areas.

Following are different ways to manage your NDIS funds:

  • NDIS Managed: According to this method, NDIS will manage your funds on your behalf.
  • Plan Managed: According to this method, your plan manager will pay your expenses on your behalf as per your needs and specification.
  • Self-Managed: According to this method, you will manage your own funds. You have an opportunity and flexibility to decide what support you buy to attain your goals.
Yes, you are permitted to engage your family or friends during each and every stage of the NDIS process.
Yes, you have complete freedom to change your NDIS service provider, if dissatisfied with the service or for any other reason.