Support Coordination

Community Choice Care Support Coordinators strive to strengthen your skills much required to understand, use, and implement the NDIS plan.  The professional and dedicated support coordinators at Community Choice Care are committed to enhancing the skills you need to live independently and maintain relationships. 

Support coordinators who are experienced, social workers will assist you in getting the best out of your plan. They will help you to choose the best support providers that enable you to get engaged with the best and most appropriate service. 

Specialist support coordination is also provided by Community Choice Care to provide support to people who need professional support and whose needs are complex. A specialist support coordinator will work with you to help you to manage challenges related to your health, education, or fair service. The main motive of the support coordinator is to minimize barriers to implementing your NDIS plan. Our expert support coordinator will also assist you with life-stage transitions such as leaving school and /or getting a new job. Our personalized service will support you with the life-stage transition.

Uniting with the Support Coordinator at Community Choice Care can support you to:

  • Enhance your life skills and resilience. 
  • Focus on what you want to attain in your life.
  • Evaluate choices and options
  • Educate you on how to operate the NDIS portal.
  • Understand your plans and service agreements.
  • Make an informed decision related to your NDIS plan. 
  • Create budgets for each service.
  • Prepare for plan meetings and plan reviews.
  • Minimize the stress and time consuming of implementing your NDIS plan.

Get in touch with us and you will soon observe how extraordinary Community Choice Care is. Our support coordinator service is available all across Melbourne and its nearby areas. Contact us now to know more about our service.